Cervo Boutique Hotel


Luxury Boutique Hotel


I can best describe being in the village of Zermatt as being in a magical snow globe. After days filled with excitement and snowy adventures it is crucial to find an accommodation that will keep this magic alive. During my stay in Zermatt, I decided to stay at the Cervo Hotel. The Cervo hotel is notorious for its’ “traditional and pretentious alpine chic décor”. Cervo is more than just a hotel but a boutique resort comprising of multiple chalets (ginormous log cabins).


Located on a hill, you have a great viewpoint of the humble little village and mountain landscape. From every chalet, restaurant, angle, there is a photo waiting to be taken. I especially enjoyed going out on my balcony in the morning with my tea to enjoy natures marvelous creations or at night to see the city light up like a Christmas tree.


If you are not a skier/snowboarder, Cervo has a wonderful spa with steam room, sauna, lounge, and the famous outdoor Jacuzzi (with mountain view) … and that is where I decided to cozy up with my partner and appreciate life. The spa has a wide range of massage services for a relaxing day of warmth and happiness. Enjoy the selection of teas located in the lounge for even more warmth than your cozy Cervo robe can give you.


The mountainous region of Switzerland calls for endless nights of laughter and fondue! The hotel hosts the well-known casual alpine restaurant, the Ferdinand.  My top 2 picks here would be the special deluxe with champagne & black truffle fondue and the “shades of Zermatt” with roasted walnuts, local dried meat, mountain herbs, garlic, and Genepy. On top of all the high quality local cheeses, meats, and other delicacies they serve only wine from the Valais region. The soil conditions in the vineyards and the unique climate ensure for an exceptional taste at every sip. If you haven’t looked up your tickets to Zermatt yet, then I don’t know what else can persuade you.


I would like to point out the genuine kindness of the staff and personnel. I point this out because it is easily overlooked and they sincerely wanted to help and make sure that our stay was extraordinary. They even insisted to pick us up and drop us off at the train station. We had a lot of luggage (all our coats and winter boots) so this was very helpful. Thank you for such a wonderful and hospitable stay.


If you would like to check out the CERVO website, click here. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions. I am always happy to help <3