A day in Khasab

My mother and I were searching for an experience in Khasab , Oman. Well, we found a great one and I am happy to share it with you. We were so exhausted from our reality and the jet lag that we opted for a relaxing 6 hour dhow boat cruise. We were so lucky to find this excursions as we bought it the day before, completely last minute. The best part? It was only 43$ per person.

Maman completely loving life

Maman completely loving life

I have never seen a dhow boat before here in Khasab but apparently it is a vastly popular type of ship throughout Asia. A dhow boat is really just a generic name for a number of traditional sailing vessels with one or more masts with settee or sometimes lateen sails.

Our dhow was 2 stories and covered in beautiful rugs and comfy cushions. We decided to stay downstairs at the end of the boat as everyone was rushing upstairs thinking it was the best spot and eventually it became super cramped. We were like queens in the back area. I think we were very lucky as usually the boat is probably full, you never know!


Lunch was included on the boat and it was glorious. We were spoiled with traditional Omani Foods such as a spiced chicken, flavored rice, dhal, vegetables, and salad. They always went around to give us waters, sodas, and coffee. Do not forget to try the special Omani tea, I promise you won’t be disappointed! There is also a bunch of fresh fruit in a bowl for your taking. 


Throughout the cruise we were taken to special areas where there were beautiful dolphins. It seemed as the dolphins and the crew from our ship knew each other very well but in a good way. We were also taken to a couple different spots for swimming and snorkeling. When we went( December) the water was at 27 degrees. I cannot forget to mention the breath taking views. I dozed off a couple times just staring at the grand limestone mountains and it’s endless horizon... 

Now me completely enjoying life

Now me completely enjoying life

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