Hasbrouck House

Hasbrouck House

Named by the World Boutique Hotel Awards as “The Americas’ Most Romantic Retreat”


The New York City streets can be heard from all the way up here; at the top of the Empire State Building. I dream of silence. The New York City streets are filled with skyscrapers so high you can’t see the Hudson River which is only 6 streets away. I dream of horizons. The New York City streets are filled with fast- paced business persons who can’t notice life passing them by. I dream of awareness. The New York City streets are filled with parks like Bryant, Madison, and the famous Central Park. I dream of unlimited nature. The New York City streets thrive on people pushing each other around on a (59 km2) little island with a Starbucks burning their hand. I dream of weekend getaways. 


Weeks are short but long and the best way to really “breath” is to get out of this incredible city. After some time weeding out the outdated hotels, I was fortunate to stumble upon a charming and sophisticated boutique hotel called Hasbrouck House. This 18th century colonial mansion was transformed to become THEE New Yorkers getaway. Only 2 hours away from the city, it promises pleasure, leisure, history, and adventure.  My favorite mélange of travel qualities. Built in 1757, the Hasbrouck family were Huguenots who fled persecution in France and co-founded the lovely city of New Paltz.

Here’s a little background insight, Huguenots were French Protestants mainly from the northern part of France. Louis XIV increased persecution of them until he issued the Edict of Fontainebleau (1685), ending any legal recognition of Protestantism in France and forcing the Huguenots to convert or flee in a wave of vicious dragonnades. Dragonnades were when protestants were forced to lodge a dragoon (soldier a part of the French army skilled at combat on horseback) to look over them, at the householder's expense.

Dragonnades were certainly the most devastating event for the religious group. Louis XIV said that the French Huguenot population was between 800,000 to 900,000 individuals and was progressively reduced to 1,000 or 1,500 individuals (claimed to be an overestimate). After the death of Louis XV in 1774, French Calvinism, another term for Huguenots, were almost completely wiped out.


The Hasbrouck family escaped to New Paltz to start a new life where their beliefs would not be forbidden. Their deeply rooted in history mansion was turned into a 55-acre luxury property in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Akiva Reich, one of the owners of the property said, “the idea was to pay respect to the past and appreciate what we have today,”. Their beautiful execution has made Hasbrouck House a regular retreat for busy New Yorkers. Take a weekend getaway to endless tales around the Hasbrouck House bonfire and make history and memories of your own.


Out of the 23 perfectly polished suites, I choose to stay in the n·17 Stable House Grand Loft. Even the stable house on the property was converted into a set of suites! Throughout the bedrooms are 45 carefully selected vintage Persian rugs. Each individual rug complimenting the medium toned; creaky hardwood floors. Tall luscious trees seem to dance in the wind to create soft movements throughout the room as light escapes from the windows. 

As fall, has come and winter is approaching, the finest place to keep warm is in the luxury suite soaking in a deep porcelain bath. The bathroom is best defined as a snowy white reverie accompanied by slight hints of gold tones and brass. I didn’t hesitate to pour myself a tall glass of wine from the local winery next door to unwind from my busy New York lifestyle. As I was immersed in the tub, I noticed a collection of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion from the familiar brand, Keihls. The sweet fragrance dispersed into the entire room as I was completely exhumed in my little bubble of tranquility.


Walking slowly through the home in the peak of sunrise allowed me to have time to enjoy some of the details in the main Hasbrouck’s House. I noticed that Wallpaper at Hasbrouck House is something taken very seriously. My favorite wallpaper was in The Club Room which was covered with fun hot air balloons. Which reminds me to tell you to make yourself at home next to the open fireplace and play some of the “oldy but goody” board games. There is a selection of the best of the best games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, and a huge wooden Connect 4. Although, be careful with family and friends, The Club Room tends to bring out your competitive side!

Wednesday through Sunday, take a moment out of your day to indulge in the farm to fork on site restaurant, Butterfield. Butterfield is headed by Chef Aaron Abramson who has previously worked in top restaurants in the US and throughout Europe for the past 15 years. He is delighted to be fulfilling his passion alongside farmers to create harmonious seasonal flavors throughout the year. All the dishes that come out of the kitchen are beautifully embellished to please the eye and make you not want to touch your food as to mess it up!


Although Hasbrouck House has plenty to keep entertained during the weekend, in range are the vibrant communities of Kingston, Woodstock as well as Minnewaska State Park and the notorious Catskill Mountains.  Only a couple miles away is the start to my favorite trail, Bonticou Crag. The Bonticou Crag trail is well-known for its rock scrambling feature (Not safe for dogs or children) After climbing to the very top, basque in the most stunning views of the region.

If you would like to check out the Hasbrouck House website or book, click here. Please do let me know if you have any questions on my experience at Hasbrouck house or have any comments about your experience. I would love to hear it!



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