Move aside Sherlock Holmes!

As you may have seen on my Instagram page, I have just came back from a trip in France. I went to Bordeaux to see my brother & cat, to Tours to see my grandparents, and to Paris to see friends and make new ones. One of my new encounters was with the sweet Caroll Paris team. They were so kind to meet up with me after their work hours and allowed me to pick 2 pieces from their collection.


I saw this coat on the rack and it was the last in my size. As you can imagine I pounced on it like Sherlock who found a new clue( I apologize in advance for my bad jokes!) . What I loved about this piece was that although it is over sized, I was able to cinch it tight at the waist. I believe this allowed for a very “ I am not trying hard, but I’m elegant and feminine” look!


The material heaviness on the coat is very light, allowing it to move and glide with you when you walk along the street. The collar is fun so you can choose to leave it down or pop it up to give it a little edge.


In a city full of people like New York & Paris, I really think it “pops” out at you without it being too much or too aggressive on the eyes. Ill be wearing this every Fall for the rest of my life! I put together a little wheel below showing all the pieces I work in this look. It is my first time making one so please bear with me!

Turtle Neck: Almina Concept

Coat: Caroll

Boots: Bobbies

Pants: Petite Studio

If you have any questions, ask away!



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