Almina Concept

The classic Turtle Neck

Sundays for me mean 4 things: Cozy time, family/friends, eating a lot, and sometimes taking some fun photos! One of my great new friends Oriane invited photographer Joey Wang and I over for a glass of wine and one thing led to another, we were shooting all around her place. I saw this little nook at the window with her beautiful almost sheer curtains and thought it was the perfect spot to show off my classic Almina Concept turtle neck.


I absolutely love making new friends! It’s always exciting to meet all these creatives with bright- eyed passions and dreams. I met Joey Wang through Instagram about almost a year ago and we always make time to see each other now. I was hosting a Chinese/French little get together at my house one night and Joey asked if she could bring over Oriane. The more the merrier! I am now so glad to have met Oriane and excited to see where our friendship takes us. It is great to open up your mind and heart to new people. You never know who you will meet…


Almina concept was founded by Angela Gahng . Angela Gahng worked as a merchandiser for luxury brands in New York City including Club Monaco and Loewe. She noticed that high quality, modern styles were not offered at a competitive price in the retail space. There were lots of brands in the market but it was either too expensive or the quality just wasn't there.  SO, she created Almina Concept to provide a brand that women could trust for contemporary wardrobe pieces. High quality shouldn’t be expensive, so they cut out the middle men and work directly with factories to offer the right price to their customers.

ET VOILA, More quality for us for less money!


This particular turtle neck is : 80% rayon, 14% wool, 8% spandex. This is a very light/breathable fabric that is worn rather on the slim fit side. I apologize for sharing this but usually when it is a thicker material I seem to get uncomfortable and sweat…so far, I have not sweat in this fabric! I wear this turtle neck by itself or with sweaters/dresses over it. If you get super cold in the winter like me, this is great to stay warm and look chic!


The best part about this turtle neck is that it is only $45. This is great considering the fabric, fit, and overall softness! They always seem to have sales going on so check the Almina Concept website/Instagram before purchasing.


Let me know if you have any questions, I love hearing from you!